While Traveling à la Pinterest

I recently went on vacation. My husband and I wanted to do it as the Europeans do it… so went for three weeks!

On our time off we visited inspiring places, breathed in the old (very old) and the new, and tried traditional as well as fusion foods. 

I also wanted to keep a mental and visual list of things we can all do while on vacation to fully experience each place (including all the rich foods and sweets drinks) without falling off the proverbial wagon of healthy eating or regular exercising. 

The following are some of the highlights with a few theories inserted in between.

(For more tips visit my “While Traveling” Pinterest page, which is sort of new and which I’m loving.)

Tip 1. Only eat two meals per day- indulge in a substantial breakfast and an early dinner- and feel free to try important local delicacies in between. When we travel, we tend to overeat. If you only eat two meals per day, you give yourself the opportunity (and space) to try regional foods without feeling overly stuffed. Important to note, this rule does not apply if your “delicacies” are a sundae at McDonald’s. 

Tip 2. Somewhat related to tip 1, but in order to “have your cake and eat it too” you need to 1.) have the smaller portion and 2.) share (your cake) whenever possible. 

Tip 3. Always take healthy snacks with you, or else you’ll end up with little to no choices. 

Tip 4. Drink water whenever you can. Try not to fill up on empty calories and save your calories to try new foods!

Tip 5. If you follow tip 1, your early dinner will provide more than enough time to walk after your meal. There is no better way to digest than walking and giving your body a time to catch up. Try to avoid eating too late, which will only disturb your sleep and make you feel bloated in the morning. 

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