Thanksgiving Survival Kit: How To Avoid Overeating

It’s true. For some reason we have equated Thanksgiving to “the all-you-can-eat-holiday.” Some research has shown that people eat up to 3,000 calories at dinner alone, meaning that the average person eats around 4,500-5,000 calories a day during the holiday, well above the daily recommendation of ~2,000.

The following are a few tricks of the trade. I promise, they work!

*Don’t skip meals. If you eat a light breakfast and lunch, you won’t be starving for dinner and therefore, you will be able to make better food choices.

**Maximize those healthy sides!  Whether you are having dinner with family, friends, or hosting yourselves, ensure there are at least three healthy foods available. Half of your plate should be overflowing with healthy sides. Some ideas: sautéed vegetables, mixed greens, green beans, or sweet potatoes (low in fat). 

*Chew your food and slow down. There is no reason to eat everything in 5 minutes. It is not a competition. So, enjoy the food and the company.

**Save it for later. My biggest challenge is feeling like I am missing out on all the good food. So, I started saving a plate for the next day. That way, I avoided overeating, skipped seconds and got to try everything. 

*Don’t forget to double fist. If you are going to drink alcohol, always drink water. It will slow you down, help hydrate you and adds no calories to the equation.

**Dress to impress. If you wear fitting clothing, you will be more conscious of when your pants/skirt/dress start feeling a little too snug.

Most importantly, enjoy your family and friends and have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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Inspiration from: HuffPost Healthy Living , Fit Sugar