Response to NY Times Article: Why Nutrition Is So Confusing

Dear Gary Taubes, 

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I work with the individual. I extrapolate my dietary recommendations from the best available research, but I also understand that each person is different; therefore success depends greatly on individualized advice. With their specific needs in mind and an expert by their side, we surpass their motivational plateau to achieve their goals, whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or a response to a life-threatening diagnosis. Nutrition has become confusing because time and again we look at only one aspect of nutrition or respond to the latest findings, instead of looking at the whole picture.  It is rarely just one change that results in success, but a mix of factors such as eating real food, eating less, taking ownership of one’s decisions, incorporating exercise, and having the necessary support system. Yes, there are gaps in nutrition research and it’s still “a learning experience in the limits of science”, but an experienced dietitian is adept at devising an individual plan that will work for their client.