Lentil Soup with Cleansing Greens

At the beginning of the New Year, our nutritional goals become clearer and we feel the need to “reboot.” Cleansing is nutrient-dependent. So, therefore, some of the juice cleanses that seem so alluring are not necessarily addressing your cleansing goals, because they don’t include the necessary nutrients.

In addition to a proper diet, a gentle cleansing routine includes staying well hydrated, keeping your bowels functioning properly and moving (even better, sweating!). Learn more by reading Bushwick Nutrition’s take on Detoxification.

The recipe includes nutrient-dense vegetables (high in selenium, sulfur, antioxidants, fiber) and lean protein (packed with detoxifying amino acids such as glutathione). It’s also hydrating and includes nutrient-packed herbs and spices. This recipe will give your body a chance to REBOOT in 2015! 

Recipe originally posted on NYHRC Blog.