Doughnut vs. Fruit: Does it really make a difference?

I was once asked if a doughnut a day versus fruit really makes a difference? And especially, what happens if you are on a health-kick, doing really really well (eating fruits, veggies, drinking lots of water) and poof! it all starts failing again. What can you do to get back on track?

My answer still stands.

Point 1- An average doughnut (no glaze, no filling) has at least 200 calories and the average piece of fruit has 60 calories. Eating a doughnut every day increases your caloric intake by 140 calories, which is 4,200 additional calories a month. That’s approximately 1 pound of additional weight gain per month. In a year, you can add up to 12 pounds to your frame by making one dietary change. Therefore, one dietary change CAN make a difference to your overall health.

Point 2- Nutrition is not one dimensional. It is not based ONLY on what you ate for breakfast or what you put in your coffee. If you messed up at breakfast, don’t wait until the next day to fix it, just eat a healthier lunch! People always do weekly (or even monthly) resolutions saying, ‘Monday I will start my diet’ or 'I will start running by next month.’ When we “fail” (fyi- I abhor that word…), we tend to give up and say we’ll fix it later. So, instead of waiting a week or even a day, get back on track one meal at a time. It lessens the guilt and the pounds. Fix it at the next meal, it works!

Adapted from Girl Habits Interview.
Pic by uberculture on Flickr