Pichuberries: Peruvian Wonder #3


Pic and recipe from Peru Delights. 

The pichuberry (also known as golden berries, cape gooseberries, or Inca berries) is a total superfruit! It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, iron and phenols (high in antioxidants). Other properties of this unique fruit:

  • Jam-packed with cancer-fighting phytochemicals called withanolides that have been demonstrated to slow the growth of tumors
  • High in vitamin D; rare for a fruit. About ½ cup provides 160 IU of vitamin D (~25% of the daily value)
  • Great for controlling blood sugar levels because it is low on the glycemic index (25), high in fiber (5.5 grams), and relatively high in protein (2 grams). This is a great combination for diabetics and anyone looking to follow a healthy diet.

How To Use Pichuberries

Pichuberries can be used in an array of dishes. The fruit resembles a small yellow tomato, like a tomatillo. They possess a unique sweet, mildly tart flavor perfect for savory and sweet dishes. Some recipe ideas here. Truly diverse, savory dish ideas include chili, salsa, muffins, skewers, or quinoa salad (pictured) and for sweet dishes add them to cereal, yogurt, popsciles, or dunk them into melted dark chocolate and make frozen chocolate pichuberries! Yum.

Edited by Tamara Cabrero